The League.
The Creatives.

Now it's time to introduce the league and the creatives behind it.

The League.

Every business has a story of how it came to life…
and this is the story about League of Creatives…

The League of Creatives seed was unknowingly planted in 2018 by admiration, friendship and a shared vision.

Claudette (Creative Genie) and Roelf (Loolness Agency), at the time not being acquainted and being independent creatives, had a secret admiration for each other’s work. The thought of collaborating was vague but there, as each specialised in two very different fields. Some time passed and their paths crossed, leading to a creative connection that sparked a discussion on the possibility to work together.

The mutual level of respect, honesty and their creative chemistry drew them closer together, and an irreversible friendship spawned. The groundwork was set and from this, they merged their creative businesses on 1 February 2019 to form what is now known as League of Creatives. Today the two weirdos see themselves as besties (whoop whoop!), both in business and friendship.

Also, they share a great love for animals (as seen below). Meet Rusty (the one sticking his tongue out) and Levi (the one who looks like his treat was taken).

The vision driving League of Creatives is to change the world one project at a time. We also believe by collaborating and bringing freelancers, agencies and various designers together, we broaden our horizons. Because of this, we bring exceptional projects to life that ensure we exceed all our client’s expectations.

As League of Creatives, we are over the moon to be able to say that we work and collaborate with and for various clients, agencies and designers located all over the world!

The Creatives.

This is us, the creatives behind the league. We combine our knowledge,
experience and skills to bring design and marketing visions to life.


Claudette du Plessis

All about Design and Branding


Roelf Landman

All about Web and Marketing