Handgemaak creates memorable and eyecatching displays on various hard and soft materials. And yes, it is all hand made by Madelein with attention to detail and quality.

Handgemaak is another one of our clients we did a project for before we even fully merged into League of Creatives. Handgemaak deur Madelein or  Handmade by Madelein is exactly what it says. Madelein crafts and designs handmade wooden and canvas mediums of your special moments to be displayed on. But it does not end there as she also creates eyecatching works of art for interior display purposes. And all this is done with passion and a meticulous eye to detail.

Project Features and Details:

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Domain and Hosting

The whole aim was to create a brand image that is soft on the eyes, crisp and clean. The word “Handgemaak” needed to pop as this is a major aspect of the work process, ethic and business.

The website and all other designs were done in a way to complement and enhance the visual aspect of the work that Madelein does. This accompanied by fine doodles to subconsciously trigger the mind to make a connection between the products and fine details.


    Handgemaak deur Madelein

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