Natalie Loots Photography

Natalie Loots Photography is one of the most talented photographers in South Africa that focuses on lifestyle, fashion and wedding photography.

We were tasked with rebranding Natalie Loots Photography in 2018. Natalie, one of South Africa’s extremely talented lifestyle, fashion and wedding photographers gave us full creative freedom to redesign her branding and website. There is just something truly satisfying working on projects from fellow talented creatives and seeing their reaction when you encapsulated everything they were hoping for and more.

Project Features and Details:

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Portfolio Slide Section
  • Blog/News Section

We designed the logo to encapsulate what Natalie loves and went for a clean design with a headshot with a leafy pattern overlay. The idea behind this is also that the leafy pattern can be changed to various nature element overlays.

The website was designed to be simplistic and clean. We focused more on the beauty in Natalie’s work and felt that this should be the prominent aspect of the website. Because of this, we incorporated a mini portfolio with a full screen sliding feature to showcase some of Natalie’s work in various styles and fields.


    Natalie Loots Photography

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